Iowa Metal Music,
Rockin' For Youths
Krazy1 Promotions 
I started in 2006 to help local bands get shows and to help them with promoting their band and their shows.But i realized they needed help booking so i started to book shows under Krazy1 Promotions in the Des Moines,Ia Area  and we have helped so many bands.
You can check out what bands have helped in the section bands we have worked with.
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Iowa Metal Music   
I started Iowa Metal Music as another way to help promote shows and bands in Iowa.
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Rockin' For Youth
Rockin' For Youths is a benefit show Missing & Exploited Children and Youth and Shelter Services.
Rockin' For Youths Sites.

The first show was in july 2007
W/Screaming for Silence,DieFied,Salvaged.Stanwood Charlie,Psychosaga,Maxx Menegrie

The Second Rockin' For Youths Was in July 2008
 W/Dirty Little Rabbits,Maxx Menegrie,DeiFieD,Ritual Fixx,Freaklabel,Shatter,Gear Down,Gideon's Revenge,Final Escape,Crooked Halo,Acceptable Level of Violence,Smoking Blindfolded

The Third Rockin' For Youths was July 23rd 2016
W/ Section Hate,Blacked Out World,Down One Digit